Why are switchboard upgrades necessary for your household?

1) Outdated switchboards are highly prone to short-circuits. Their fuses are more harmful as those fuses tend to catch and spread fire easily. Also there are chances of electrical shock with these old boards. Now, if you do not want to live inside such a life-threatening atmosphere then go for switchboard upgrades. The electrical safety switch, available these days with latest switchboards, makes it sure that you do not get electric shock or no serious physical damage occurs due to a fire breakout. An electrical safety switch shuts down the main power supply as soon as it senses the slightest hint of any power leakage from a broken wire or switch.

2) Few decades ago, your household was not furnished with tons of electrical appliances or devices. In those days, just a heater, chimney, dish washer, refrigerator and oven used to do it all. So better switchboard installation was not required. But now you have computer, cooler, vacuum cleaner, dryer, washing machine, stereos, fitness equipments, microwaves, pumps, home theaters, central room temperature controlling system and many more.

Do you think your old switches will be able to tackle such a huge power supply? So it’s high time that you should go for a new switchboard installation or switchboard upgrades.

3) If you experience frequent power tripping then it’s most likely that your electrical equipments are crying for switchboard upgrades. Older boards are designed to supply power to a small number of kitchen or household appliances, not to the numerous ones you have bought. So please don’t let your life-supporting devices struggle hard to get their required power supply and hire All Things Wired to guide you in your switchboard installation.

4) Switchboard upgrades are also necessary when your lights flicker all the time. It makes such a nuisance mostly when you are reading something or may be having a serious talk with your colleagues at your place.

5) Last but not the least, you will get the opportunity to cut down or restore power with the electrical safety switch installed in newer switchboards.

A life is valuable than anything else. So why putting this precious life at risk when you have the option to stay secured? All Things Wired is always there offering you the best switchboard upgrades and switchboard installation support.

You can rest assured that electrical safety switches will be installed ensuring you optimum safety from any kind of fire damages.

Everything has a use by date. If your home still has a ceramic fuse box with re-wireable fuses in the meter box or an electrical switchboard then it has passed its use by date, and your switchboard is an electrical hazard.

Today’s practice switchboards are fitted with automatic trip circuit breakers and safety switches which cut the electricity when there is an electrical fault. This can save your electrical cables catching on fire or even save a life from electrocution.

NOTE: Next time you take your bins out and possible pass your switchboard consider if your home has circuit breakers, safety switches OR unsafe ceramic fuses.



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