LED Lighting

LED lighting (light-emitting diode) is one of the most energy efficient lighting solutions you can choose for your home or business. It is also a very versatile form of lighting with the ability to be used singularly in small area’s or as a group in larger spaces.
Long Life LED Lighting Solutions

LED lights have a projected life of 35 000 to 50 000 hours compared to traditional incandescent bulbs which typically last 750 to 2 000 hours. Up to 25 times longer usage. The cost of an LED light is significantly more to purchase than an incandescent bulb but the cost savings in running and maintenance far outway this initial spend.

LED lights don’t burn out like other bulbs but slowly fade, reducing their light output over time.

Energy Saving Lighting


Standard light bulbs loose a lot of energy as heat. An incandescent bulb can expend up to 90% of it’s power to heat and Fluorescent bulbs up to 80%. LED light bulbs produce more light and less heat in comparison to other bulbs resulting in more light for less wattage.

With electricity prices set to rise even further in the near future switching to LED lighting will benefit your power bill every quarter.